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    Local price, global quality!

    We promise to deliver premium quality translation service at Indonesian local rate. All our services also come with 100% money-back guarantee!
  • Local expert, global technology!

    We are fully supported by some expert and certified local linguists and we leverage current industry standard technology to keep pace with current translation market.
  • Certified translation, notary-approved translation company!

    We are a notary approved translation company with certified translators inside. We can provide you with certified translation.
  • Strict QA, strong commitment!

    From resource recruitment to service delivery, we always run strict quality assurance. We are also strongly committed to providing you with best resources and result, no matter what!


We are a leading translation company based in Pasuruan-East Java, Indonesia, operating under the Government Decree of Pasuruan City, professionally able to cater to all your unique and personalized translation and localization needs. We are a group of organized Indonesian native translators with more than 7-year experience in this business in addition to being registered with the Association of Indonesian Translators.

During these past 4 years we managed to set our fixed benchmark and standard to be a customer and quality oriented translation company with two language pairs only; English - Indonesian and English - Javanese. We realize that creating this setting may cause us to generate lower income in addition to being unable to compete with other translation companies serving the multilingual translation services. We have anticipated the worst things we may experience in the future. However, there is one thing we always hold tight to survive and outperform in this business; we never play around with the quality of the translation we provide. 

Serving two language pairs only does not explicitly mean that we are the only competent translation company for handling the English - Indonesian projects. It broadly means that we recently have the competent human resources, most up-to-date language technologies and quality assurance systems fully ready to produce the translation output to the best standard that applies, welcoming any individuals, global companies and translation companies around the world to cooperate with us at any rate. We do not want to claim that we are the best translation company able to create best output without a specific thing you can prove yourself, but we proudly claim that we are a translation company, specialized in English, Indonesian and Javanese translations, professionally able to cater to all your needs for translations. 

If you are an individual with a specific need for translation, contact us for further discussion. We will be happily providing you with a guide to solve your problem with main focus on your current situation. If we deem that a further step should be taken, we will frankly tell you without being limited by our nature to generate a profit from our business. If you are a company representative in need of translation services of the language pairs we can cater to, we will be glad to discuss with you on your budget, your turnaround and any translation needs you currently require. We considerably know how a company should operate under any restrictions it may have. We will focus on you, not us. If you are a global translation company serving multilingual translation services and currently in need of a partner to handle your English, Indonesian and Javanese translation projects, we are more than ready to help. We have partnered with some global multilingual translation companies around the world and gladly welcome you to be our next partner to serve your client better. 

Just contact us if you think we are the one matching your requirements. We are a friendly translation company to any individual and entities!


Jl.Kedondong Raya H9-26
Perum Bugul Permai-Bugul Kidul
Pasuruan - East Java,
Indonesia 67121

Ruko Sukarno Hatta Inside No. 4A,
Jl. Terusan Sudimoro IV
Malang City, East Java
Indonesia 65142

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