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Do you wish to have your English document or text translated into Indonesian but you do not know where to go? You might not be the only person undergoing this situation since there are tons of translation companies recently emerging. What is more, you can get the translation company list just in a click. Just open your browser and type 'Indonesian translation company' and its similar phrases in the search bar and you just need to click and decide afterwards.

It is now that simple of hiring the Indonesian translation company to handle your document and text. And the quality, the credibility? It now becomes another challenge. You never know if the company puts quality and credibility in its first priority. The situation gets worse when you never meet it or its representative in person. Will your document or text be translated and returned at the agreed date while you already made a down payment or even paid in full and a long wait?

We raise these questions due to our long concern on this. Some of clients told us that they were disappointed at the translation result they received and thus they turned to us and tried us. Some told us that they never got their translation back after making a payment and a long wait and we could not say anything as they also did not know us well; we could just suggest that they be careful of hiring translation company. We are sure that this is painful even more painful when what is promised never goes to your expectation.

With our selected and tested linguists who are native speakers of Indonesian behind us and our internal QA in place, there is nothing to worry about the quality. We are sure we can provide you with quality translation as expected.

We are a notary approved translation company, operating under the Government Decree of Pasuruan City - East Java, Indonesia No. 503/220/SIUP-K/423.207/2012 with two bases in East Java - Indonesia (one in Pasuruan City and the other in Malang City - East Java). We hope this will sufficiently convince you that we are a credible Indonesian translation company.

If you need Indonesian translation quote or info, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help!


Jl.Kedondong Raya H9-26
Perum Bugul Permai-Bugul Kidul
Pasuruan - East Java,
Indonesia 67121

Ruko Sukarno Hatta Inside No. 4A,
Jl. Terusan Sudimoro IV
Malang City, East Java
Indonesia 65142

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